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Locker Actuator Kit for Axletech Axles


  • 3 Piece Carling Contura V Switch Panel, 12V 20A, Blue LED Back Light
    • 1x Front Locker
    • 1x Rear Locker
    • 1x Air Compressor
  • 50' of clear 1/4” air line
  • 9' Wire Harness
  • 2 Position Air Manifold Block with Separate Solenoids for Front and Rear Locker
  • 2 Pigtail sensors
  • 2 Airline fittings for the axle
  • To maintain our quality standard, Solenoids and Manifold are all made by Parker 
  • **OPTIONAL** waterproof box to house air manifold. 

**Does NOT include Air Compressor or power supply**

Works with the Pneumatic Locker Actuators on many Axletech Axles

12v system allows you to run the remote mount and plumb the air system, while having a clean looking switch panel in reach of the operator  

The Kit ties into the factory Actuator Sensors and allowing an indicator light built into the switches to tell you when the locker is fully engaged or if it is not engaging

Only requires 12v power source and an air supply from 80-120psi

Kits can be custom made for 24V power if needed, please contact us for this kit


As WCR cannot guarantee the installation methods or changes made to the product once received, WCR can not cover any electrical in its warranty policy. 


 Delivery Time

This Product can require 1-2 week lead time to manufacture each kit. Typical turn around is 2-3 days 

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