Shipping FAQ's

Did you know WCR Ships Worldwide?

Here are some fun facts about shipping with WCR!

Small Parcels: UPS, Canada Post, USPS, Loomis, Purolator, FedEx

  • You as the consumer are responsible for purchasing shipping insurance. If you choose not to insure your shipment, WCR is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen packages. When you insure your package, IF a courier loses a package in transit to you, we will send a replacement once they have concluded their investigation. Need it faster than their investigation time alots (typically 8 business days but can be longer depending on chosen shipping carrier), no problem, you can pay for your part again, and once the investigation period is over, we will send you your refund or have the part returned to us if they were able to find it! 
  • UPS picks up from us Daily, for the quickest turn around we suggest choosing them. All other carriers we have to drop off at which can result in a delay in getting the items to town. Our shop is not located within city limits.
  • Our cross border shipments will arrive duties/taxes prepaid! That means there are no charges after you place your order! *Note Mistakes can happen resulting in the carrier contacting you for the fee's, please let us know and we will take care of that for you.
  • Transit times cross border can not be guaranteed and no shipping refunds will be given for delays when crossing any international border.
  • Unfortunately due to unforseen circumstances with a carrier, shipments can arrive late. We do not offer refunds for delayed shipments as this is out of our control. You are more than welcome to start a claim with the designated carrier to try and receive your money back, however we have tried to only add options to the site that are not **Guaranteed**, reason being is the shipping companys rarely deliver on time, and it is a waste of your time and money which we very much try to avoid. We suggest ordering with enough time for your parcel to arrive with a couple days to spare. 
  • We can ship with any carrier you would like, we have been shipping around the globe for 10 years now and can tell you some secrets we have learned along the way!
    • Anything cross border is best sent UPS or DHL if you would like to see it in the appropriate time line.
    • If you are ordering online, you will see UPS is the only option for international shipments, this is because they are the best priced option and most reliable transit.
    • FedEx cross border typically has issues every time if the shipment is a rush, if its not a rush, they are great! 
    • Loomis and Purolator are the fastest across Canada. We prefer Purolator across Canada only due to the ability to drop off after hours, helping your parcel make it to you in the best possible time frame for those time sensitive shipments. (Neither of these companies will pick up from our warehouse as it is not within the city limits)
    • We do have affordable hot shot couriers for in Alberta deliveries. If you require a quick turn around please let us know we will do our best to accomodate. 

Pallet Freight: LTL, Cross border frieght, Cross Canada freight, International Freight

  • If you are shipping an order Pallet freight here are some common things you will see:
    • Pallet freight is sent with minimal insurance, reason being, the risk is extremely low for damaged or missing goods. Especially parts from us as we package with extreme care our pallet freight. A lot of the parts are so heavy no one wants to steal them. If you are a nervous nancy and would like to add additional insurance we are happy to do that, please let us know at time of booking as additional insurance will add to your freight charges.
    • Our location is not a regular pick up location as we are not within city limits, we only receive pick ups from freight carriers a few days a week. Please keep this in mind when ordering
    • Tracking will be delayed by 24 to 48 hrs from the time the package is picked up, the reason for this, is because our area is not a main terminal, it will not be properly scanned until it hits a main depot in either Calgary or Edmonton, AB. Please be patient, if we have sent you tracking the carrier has picked up. if it has been over 48 hrs on business days and there is no update, please reach out and we will make sure it is not missing any important documents.
    • Pallet freight requires extra time to package, we have seen under wrapped pallets fall apart with thousands of dollars of parts lost in the wind from other businesses. Please allow us sufficient time for your order- this varies due to the size of the order- to pallet your order appropriately so we can ensure you receive all of your parts! 
    • Our cross border shipments will arrive duties/taxes prepaid! That means there are no charges after you place your order! *Note Mistakes can happen resulting in the carrier contacting you for the fee's, please let us know if this happens and we will take care of that for you. This may not apply to some international locations, please contact us if you think this may not apply to you and we can verify that for you. 

General Freight FAQ's

  • Why do you not provide freight quotes online
    • Despite our best efforts, freight can be extremely difficult to quote out, especially if it is cross border which can then include border fee's and taxes.
  • I don't see my preferred carrier on your website
    • We prefer to deal with certain carriers as our location does not allow for pick up from all carriers. The chosen carriers are picked to ensure a timely and cost effective delivery. However if you do need it shipped with a different carrier, please let us know and we will try to source the correct carrier. 
  • Can I pick up from your location?
    • We can accomodate pick ups from our Red Deer, AB location only, all other vendors and supplier locations only allow for shipping. Please contact us to schedule your pick up: Contact Us


  • Any order over $2500 USD leaving Canada will require your SSN/EIN to be provided to customs, this is not our rule, we do not want your number. However you will need to provide it to the customs agent that contacts you if you would like to receive your package. This is their tracking policy for large goods entering the USA. 
    • If this is a pallet freight you will be required to fill out a 5106 Form, please see below for more information on the 5106 Form and links to some resources about them if you are feeling uneasy about it. If you still have questions surrounding this form or rule with any courier, I encourage you to reach out to any international broker or directly to the border customs agent at this number:  1-877-CBP-55111-202-325-8000. Or visit the US Customs and Border Protection website for more useful information about importing into the USA from Canada

What is a 5106 Form?

CBP (Customs and Border Protection) Form 5106 is the Importer Identity Form. CBP uses that form to keep track of importers’ identification information, as per 19 CFR 24.5. This is important for verifying the identity of the importer, tracking their importing history, and ensuring that they are abiding by all the laws for importing into the U.S. Once you submit this form, you will become known as the Importer of Record (IOR).

When is a 5106 Form Required?

A CBP Form 5106 is required for all importer filings that are classified as formal entries. A formal entry is a type of import that is either intended for commercial purposes or valued at more than $2,500. If your shipment falls under that category, then you’re going to need to fill in and submit the 5106 Form. 

When you change your name, address, phone number, or any other type of personally-identifying information or contact information, you will need to submit a revised version of this form to CBP to ensure that your information stays up to date. Outdated information can create many problems when you try to import again, including hefty fines.


Common FAQ's About the 5106 Form

For a list of Commonly asked questions about the 5106 please visit the link below