Due to the rising cost's of doing business, we have tranisitioned to a fully online store. Should you require a staff member to process your order manually, you will be charged an admin fee, this is in order to be able to pay our employees a living wage, and still maintain competitive product prices for you as the customer. 


All parts must be payed in full before they are shipped or picked up, all work must be payed in full before vehicle or part is received by the customer.

Acceptable payment forms: PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Cash, E-Transfer, Wire Transfers, ACH Deposits and Company Cheques

We accept CAD and USD currencies, if you require an invoice in another currency please Contact Us and we will do our best to acccomodate.


We do our best to make sure all the parts listed are in stock, but due to unforeseen circumstances, this may vary depending on time of year and availability of stock. Prices are subject to change with out notice.

All parts sold are to be used off-road only and used at the purchasers own risk. Western Canadian Rockwell Inc. accepts no responsibility for damages or injury caused by misuse or improper installment.

If no insurance is selected for shipping, Western Canadian Rockwell Inc. is not responsibile for lost or damaged packages

We do not distribute any parts with a DOT Certification

Any US order over $2500 USD may be subject to providing an SSN or EIN to customs for entry see Customs section below for further details

If you Don't Agree to these terms, please do not use the parts and Contact Us immediately


    Due to an extremely high volume of inquires, we have respectfully made it company policy to not give out part numbers, DXF files or contact info for our Suppliers, if you are unwilling to purchase the products from us directly, it will be your responsibility to attain the information you require. By giving up time to help customers who do not want to purchase parts from us, we are taking time and service away from our valued customers.


    Warranty information will be listed on the website next to the product, if there is no warranty information listed there is no warranty of any kind provided for that product. If you run into an issue with a part you feel failed prematurely, please contact us directly, we will do everything possible to work with you and the manufacturer to resolve the issue. Keep in mind off-road products are often used to a point they were not designed for by the manufacture, therefore many of our products do not carry any kind of warranty. Warranty does not apply to common wear items including axle shafts.

    Items that are listed as Lifetime Warranty have the following conditions applied

    • Should any repairs or changes be made to the structural integrity of the product with out first consulting Western Canadian Rockwell Inc. the warranty will be void
    • Shipping to and from Western Canadian Rockwell Inc. will not be covered
    • Cost of install or removal from vehicles is not covered
    • Costs incurred due to the failure are not covered
    • Improper install or use will not be covered under the lifetime warranty
    • If other components of the truck failed causing damage to the part, this does not fall under lifetime warranty
    • Lifetime warranty applies strictly to manufacture defects and failures due to the defects on the part itself.
    • Failed products must be returned to Western Canadian Rockwell Inc. for Warranty to be covered, if new parts are shipped out and old parts are not received you will be charged for the replacement. 


    Quotes are valid for 15 days (unless stated otherwise), prices listed on unpaid invoices are also only valid for 15 days, no exceptions. Western Canadian Rockwell Inc. reserves the right to update pricing on invoices over 15 days if they remain unpaid due to the customers decision.

    Shipping prices are only valid for 7 days.


    Returns will only be accepted if the product is unused, in its original packaging within 90 days of purchase. Contact us directly before initiating any return. Merchandise being returned MUST come back prepaid, insured, duty paid in original packaging with proper protection for the parts, and with a copy of the original invoice enclosed.*Please note: If these procedures are not followed, no creditno refund, no exchange will be allowed.* Refunds will be issued once the product is received in original condition and verified, we suggest taking photos of the product before it leaves, in case of any lost packages or damaged parts, you are able to provide those to the shipping company to substantiate your claim.

    • All returns are subject to a 40% re-stocking fee
    • Re-stocking fee can be waived if exchanged for in store credit, this is up to the discretion of WCR.
    • Custom orders will not be accepted for return or refund, please make sure to check your product thoroughly and confirm orders before placing your custom order.

    All deposits on invoices for parts and services are final and will not be refunded, no exceptions.


    Typically we ship all parts 2-3 days from when payment clears in full, if its a rush order please notify us before hand, rush fee's may apply 

    Shipping Parcels: UPS, Canada Post, FedEx, Purolator, DHL, Loomis.
    Please contact if you would prefer to use different courier method, we will also work with you if you wish to provide your own shipping.

    For More detailed information on Shipping check out our Shipping FAQ Page

    When a shipment is delayed in transit, this is beyond our control and we do not offer refunds for this. No shipment times are guaranteed.


    Please Note for all freight shipments, from the date of delivery if parts are missing or damaged we will need to be notified within 24 hrs of receiving the product, also if there is significant damage to the pallet please let the driver know that you are accepting a damaged shipment and write damaged on their copy of the bol that you sign. If you do not do this, we are unable to replace your damaged or missing parts. If you would like to insure your pallet freight for full replacement value please notify us at time of quote, this will change your shipping price.

    For More detailed information on Shipping check out our Shipping FAQ Page


    • Any order over $2500 USD leaving Canada will require your SSN/EIN to be provided to customs, this is not our rule, we do not want your number. However you will need to provide it to the customs agent that contacts you if you would like to receive your package. This is their tracking policy for large goods entering the USA. 
      • If this is a pallet freight you will be required to fill out a 5106 Form, please see below for more information on the 5106 Form and links to some resources about them if you are feeling uneasy about it. If you still have questions surrounding this form or rule with any courier, I encourage you to reach out to any international broker or directly to the border customs agent at this number:  1-877-CBP-55111-202-325-8000. Or visit the US Customs and Border Protection website for more useful information about importing into the USA from Canada

    WHAT IS A 5106 FORM?

    CBP (Customs and Border Protection) Form 5106 is the Importer Identity Form. CBP uses that form to keep track of importers’ identification information, as per 19 CFR 24.5. This is important for verifying the identity of the importer, tracking their importing history, and ensuring that they are abiding by all the laws for importing into the U.S. Once you submit this form, you will become known as the Importer of Record (IOR).


    A CBP Form 5106 is required for all importer filings that are classified as formal entries. A formal entry is a type of import that is either intended for commercial purposes or valued at more than $2,500. If your shipment falls under that category, then you’re going to need to fill in and submit the 5106 Form. 

    When you change your name, address, phone number, or any other type of personally-identifying information or contact information, you will need to submit a revised version of this form to CBP to ensure that your information stays up to date. Outdated information can create many problems when you try to import again, including hefty fines.

    -Resource: https://usacustomsclearance.com/process/complete-guide-to-cbp-form-5106/


    For a list of Commonly asked questions about the 5106 please visit the link below

    -Resource: https://www.cbp.gov/trade/programs-administration/entry-summary/cbp-form-5106/importer-createupdate-identity-5106-faq