Allie Davidson

Allie Davidson


Allie has been with WCR since day one, the very first Axle that got stripped down to get part numbers and measurements for, she was there helping. She is an Off-Road Heavy Duty Mechanic, grew up on a farm and in a farming community, working with farm and construction equipment regularly, and if you’ve spent any time around her, you know she’s not afraid to get dirty.

Allie will regularly rebuild axles and engines, run the machining equipment, drive a fully loaded truck and trailer (yes standard), she also built our website, set up our inventory system, runs photoshop and video editors for our online content. She also looks after purchasing/ shipping/ receiving/ sales daily, and to top it off she is a licensed hairstylist.

Allie enjoys camping, crafting, sport shooting, driving the Boost Moose mega truck at events and competitions, as well as stepping in as a Monster Truck driver for Freedom Racing Monster Trucks, she also enjoys snowmobiling in the rocky mountains.

Allie is typically who you will speak to first on the phone if you call in, she has an extensive knowledge of the WCR product line and is always willing to help you find the right part for your project or repair, with a friendly outgoing personality you'll be tempted just to call back to say hi!