$1,425.00 CAD

2 Knuckles including Grade 8 and Nord-Lock Spindle Mounting Hardware

  • Made with High Strength T1 Steel, will not deform or crack like typical mild steel. These are the strongest knuckles on the market, hands down.
  • Larger 7/16 Spindle Mounting Bolt Holes
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Factory Camber Has Been Removed
  • Accepts The Factory Boot
  • Double Shear Steering Arms Available With A 1" Or 3/4" Thru Hole. 
  • 100% Canadian Made right here in Central Alberta, by a Local Small Business Freestyle Projects 

**2 Week delay when ordering**

*Because of all the different styles and sizes of Steering Heim Joints the Steering Arms Will Be Shipped Loose. If Specified At The Time Of Ordering Everything Can Be Welded on for an additional $60*


  • 2 Plate Steel Knuckles
  • 2 Upper Steer Lugs
  • 2 Lower Steer Lugs
  • 4 Steer Lug Gussets
  • 24 7/16" Grade 8 Bolts
  • 24 Nordlock Washers