$375.00 CAD

2.5 Ton High Steer Arms, made from T1 steel, with a built in double shear tube to help tie into the stock steer arm, sharing the load of the Steering Ram. Heim Joints can be run above or below the arm by shortening the tube.

High Steer arms are sold with the intention to run the Heim Joint above the Steer Arm, if you wish to run the Heim below the Steering Arm, the tube will need to be modified once received or we can modify for you, if Heim Joint width is specified before ordering. 

These arms also work great in conjunction with our high steer ram mount  

Bolts required:

  • 8x 9/16"x2" Grade 8 Bolts
  • 8x 9/16" Grade 8 Lock Washers

Kit Includes:

  • 1x LH Arm
  • 1x RH Arm
  • 2 Taper Elimination Cones for the stock tie rod hole