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These are Heavy-Duty Bronze Upper Kingpin Bushings for Steering Knuckles on a Dana 60. 

These are designed to replace the stock nylon cone bushings, which are prone to premature wear when used off-road with large heavy tires. 

Fits all Open Knuckle King Pin Dana 60's Found in Chevy, Dodge & Ford.

  • Designed to be used with Aftermarket adjustable-preload high-steer arms
  • Included roll pin prevents rotation of the bushing within the knuckle
  • Improved grease passage allows for proper pressure greasing and easier servicing
  • Eliminates steering shimy common to kingpin knuckles
  • Threaded extraction holes simplify removal

Install Notes

Please note that the roll pins are designed to be extremely difficult to install due to the nature of the load they are taking. You will need to put the roll pin in a vice to roll it inside of itself, and once in a good spot will still need to be installed with a soft rubber mallet so as not to damage any components. This is due to the fact the bushings take on the entire load of the the king pin and the part keeping it in place is that roll pin, if it was loose or sloppy it would not hold the bushing properly and potentially cause damage. Direct quote from manufactuerer is that it should be extremely tight and difficult to install and remove if done properly. 

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