WCR Most Frequently Asked Questions!

Over the last 10 years we have answered lots of questions for all of you! Here are some of the most common questions we get!

  • I don't see the part I want listed on your site
    • While we do our best to stock as much as possible, we are unable to always have the right parts. We are moving to an online support store, so if we do not have it online for purchase, we currently do not carry it. If it is something you would like to see in the future on our store, send us a message through our contact us page and we will definitely assess the part for customer distribution!
  • My desired part shows out of stock
    • Unfortunately with todays hoops everyone has to jump through with supply chains, our supply sometimes runs short, if it is on our site and out of stock, please know we are working to get the product back in stock for you! 
  • Can I make payments on a big order if I can't afford it all at once
    • Absolutely! We will work with you to purchase your extreme upgrades! Contact us to work out a payment plan. *Please note we do not ship parts until they are paid for in full. We are always willing to lump parts together that make sense in relation to your build to help you build a step at a time as well. Reach out to us for further information*
  • Can I come shop at your store?
    • WCR does not have a showroom, we prefer you place your order online. We are a working shop and if a customer comes to the store to shop, we have to shut down production in the shop due to insurance risks. We want our customers and staff to be safe at all times. 
  • Can you help me identify my random axle and source parts?
    • If your axle has a steel tag on the housing we can certainly try to source the parts for you, if the tag is gone or missing, unfortunately we will not be able to identify this part for you, see our General Axle FAQ's for more information on this
  • How do I become a dealer for WCR Products?
    • We do have dealer pricing available, there are minimum buying requirements, all accounts are due immediately. We do not have net 30 term accounts for anyone. Please contact us for more information
  • How do I become a WCR Sponsored Driver?
    • We love supporting our dedicated customers as much as we can, if you are interested in becoming a sponsored driver, send us an email with your details. We open sponsorships for the year in January, with a deadline of February 15, please ensure to contact us during this time if you are interested in a Driver Sponsorship. Here are just a few notes on what we look for:
      • Drivers that attend a lot of events
      • Drivers that are already WCR Customers
      • Represent yourself in a way that is both of professional conduct, and a way that supports WCR and our product/company image.
      • Drivers that are willing to promote our products through social media, at events and word of mouth. For some great examples of how you can do this, see below:
        • Tag us on social media when you get new products, go to events
        • Sport WCR Stickers on your race rig, tow rig, we will even supply stickers for non racing related rigs
        • Share our social media posts to your account, give personal testimony only if you have the featured products. 
        • Tag us if you see a fellow driver looking for support on social media
  • Will WCR Sponsor our Event?
    • You may have seen us sponsoring events such as Mountain Mafia's Mountain Havoc, Sand Scorpion's Bounty Hole, or various Canadian Events, we are always willing to look at your event sponsorship letter. Due to the high demand of requests, we are unable to support everyone, but do try to support different ones often. Please send your event sponsorship requests to info@wcr-inc.ca
  • Does WCR have any community impact?
    • At WCR we believe in helping others in need, we have donated to places such as the Ronald McDonald House, Easter Seals, Kids Help Phone, Wounded Warriors, Little Warriors,The Mustard Seed,  Local Food banks, Various Pet Shelters, Freedom Convoy, Autism Aspergers Friendship Society through Dane Benesh's Lemonade Stand and many more! We believe in helping our community grow and overcome challenges in any way possible