F106 FAQ'S

What is parts availability like?
Unfortunately parts are getting quite scarce for the F106/ FDS 75, they have discontinued new parts for these for many years now and even used parts are getting extremely hard to find. The main supplier for aftermarket parts is Proformance Pros, any parts we have available new or used is listed for sale on our website in the replacement part section, if it's not listed there unfortunately we don't have it for sale or don't have access to it.

Ratios that were available were
4.63 4.88 5.29 5.83 6.14 6.20 6.80 6.83 7.17 7.20 7.80 Some of these ratios will be a lot more common than others, 6.20 and 7.20 are what's commonly found In used axles, with the Age of the Rockwell line most ratios listed above have been discontinued and are not available as new gear sets
Detroit lockers were common in the F106- FDS line, used lockers can be found in different spline configurations, As far as I've seen, anything new has been discontinued, there are new spools available from a few different companies, selectable lockers as far as I know were never available

Standard F106 Info
A Rockwell F106 is commonly known as a FDS75, FDS stands for front drive steer there are three different variations of an f-106 front axle 2 of the main versions have drum brakes and run smaller king pins with taper roller bearings, the axle shafts found in these can be 2 different versions, one has 19 spline 1.75" inner shafts, the other has 34 spline, both run a small 1-1/4 outer stub shaft

The 3rd version came with disc brakes and rims 1.75" 34 splines inner and outer; it also runs a 1.75" king pin with a bushing not a bearing

F106 axles in a normal configuration are a low pinion design, most run a 1480 yoke

Wheel bolt pattern is the same as a 2.5 Ton Rockwell


Weight front with brakes 835lb

W/O brakes 681lb


Weight front with brakes 545lb

W/O brakes 451lb

F106 axles do not have the common spindle and knuckle issues 2.5 Ton Rockwell’s do, the spindles are held on by larger 9/16 bolts and the knuckles seem to be more robust

F106 axles are commonly used in low slung light weight race trucks, and because of their light weight and high strength they are also popular in pulling trucks

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