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2.5 Ton Axle Kits

We’ve compiled a few easy reference kits below for those looking to put together a rig with 2.5 Ton axles, from the "Budget Minded Bogger" to the full on "Hardcore Competition" package.

To make sure you are even looking at the correct set of axles for your rig lets start off with a few important notes about the 2.5 Ton axles, and what application they will be best for

Recommended tire size and hp for a stock 2.5 Ton axle is a 44" tire and 4-500hp, keep in mind this is all relative to the weight of your rig and your driving style, for example a lot of drivers have gotten away with 50" tires and minimal breakage on a lighter rig and a conservative driving style.

If you are already planning to run way bigger tires and way more hp or really want to air out or abuse your rig, you're welcome to keep reading but it would be advisable to head over to the 5 Ton, Axletech or Meritor section of our website.

If you are still here and are interested in the 2.5 Tons, they do have many advantages, for one they are quite robust. They aren't crazy heavy (despite what the opinions are online) and there's nearly an unlimited amount of aftermarket upgrades available for them. They can be built to be nearly as strong as some of the bigger axles, but it does come with a price tag.

Here are a few kits that we’ve put together to help aid in budgeting for your next build or upgrade.

"The Budget Minded Bogger Kit"

 This is the perfect kit for those who want a tough set of axles they can beat on, mud bog and trail wheel with minimal issues, there will be some slight sacrifices in performance but this kit will get you out slinging mud with the least amount of damage to your wallet, also note we have complied these kits with the bare minimum parts required but we’ve also added in what is required to keep your rig reliable, although its the most budget minded kit we’ve have put together a list of parts we know work well and wont let you down!

These kits are a simple install under most full-sized rigs with minimal fabrication experience.

  • 2.5 Ton Steer Axle
  • 2.5 Ton Rear Axle
  • x2 2.5 Ton Leaf Spring Mounts
  • Upgraded Tie rod
  • Single Ended Ram Mount
  • 3x9 Single Ended Ram- not sold in store
  • 200 Orbital With Mount and Column
  • x2 Pinion Brakes
  • Front and Rear Seal Kit With Boot Clamps
  • x4 Spindle Lock Tabs
  • x1 Hub Seal Driver
  • x2 1410 Drive Shaft Kit
  • x12 LH Lug Nuts
  • x12 RH Lug Nuts

"Hardcore Competition"

 This is the next step in the 2.5 Ton evolution! This is if you are looking to run your 2.5 Tons hard but aren't ready to deal with the weight of the bigger axles this is what we recommend, especially if you want to get a bit rowdy and start airing out your rig!

  • 2.5 Ton Front Axle
  • 2.5 Ton Rear Axle
  • Front Truss Kit
  • Rear Truss Kit
  • Steel Knuckles
  • x2 Pinion Brakes
  • x2 Top Hat Kits
  • Full Heim Joint Kit
  • x4 Upper Frame Mount Links
  • x2 Lower Frame Mount Links
  • King Pin Shock Mounts
  • Upgraded Tie rod
  • Single Ended Ram Mount
  • 3x9 Single Ended Ram- not sold in store.
  • 200 Orbital with Mount and Column
  • Front and Rear Seal Kit with Boot Clamps
  • x4 Spindle Lock Tabs
  • 1 Hub Seal Driver
  • 1410 Drive Shaft Kit X2
  • x12 LH Lug Nuts
  • x12 RH Lug Nuts
  • SCS Drop Box with x3 2.5-Ton SCS Yokes- Contact for current pricing.


If you would like a bit more traction, a spool for the rear is recommended but you can also purchase one for the front if you’re looking to get into some really deep stuff!

Lockers are also available, these are recommended if you are planning to do any trail riding where the best possible steering is needed, for most mud bog applications 1 or 2 spools work just fine. On the 2.5 Ton axle due to their design, we don’t recommend welding the carrier together, we have seen many issues form doing this even by the most experienced welders.

Transfer Cases

If used under a vehicle with a 205

  • Add x2 Flanges 32 Spline

**If used under a gm with a 205 pls check the front output and see if its 10 or 31 spline

If you would like to upgrade to a drop style t-case recommended for lift kits bigger than 10", a T-136 T-Case is a great low cost option with no sacrifice in strength.

**Note you will require a 2wd transmission as its only available in a divorced setup.

Recommended upgrades for this package if interested would be an SCS or FTI drop box, these are lighter and provide multiple gear ratio options vs the T-136.


For wheel options we do have 20" surplus wheels

For custom wheel options please contact Vert-X for a quote they are a local company that builds all our wheels

(403) 350-0278

(403) 550-3152


Steering upgrades also recommended, our 2.5 Ton high steer kits keep your steering components mounted up out of the way, double ended steering cylinders also provide a nicer feel when wheeling.

*Please note shipping will be added to the invoice for the freight items, items will not ship until the freight has been paid*