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These are 5 Ton Hubs found on A1 and A2 series 5 ton trucks, unlike the 800 series hubs these hubs are specific for front and rear axles, also the A2 series hubs feature CTIS ports for the tire inflation system.

These hubs are available as a refurbished unit where we hot tank, and thoroughly clean the entire hub and chase all threads, we also machine a small .010 skim off the face of the hub cleaning up any rust pitting or damage from wheel mounting.

Used/Greasy hubs come exactly as we pull them from used axles, they will have residual grease, paint and some rust, we inspect to make sure there's no damage to any threads or bearing fits, these will be good useable hubs.

**Note- Neither of the hub options will include any wheel studs, flange bolts, bearings, races or seals. Used/Greasy hubs may come with studs/races still in them but they will not be of useable quality. If you would like new bearing/races/seals or studs shipped or installed in your hub before purchasing please contact us before purchasing.

** Parts that are refurbished, meaning they may show slight signs of wear, but will work exactly as intended, if you prefer brand new please contact us for options **


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