Check out our Rockwell-Meritor Hybrid Kit that gives you the reduction you want, without having to switch out an entire axle. Canadian made Adapter Kit, designed and fabricated right here in Alberta!

Rockwell-611, Meritor outer planetary hub, fitted onto a 2.5 or 5 Ton Axle.

By mating up a Meritor 611 Planetary Outer to a 2.5 Ton Rockwell, you reduce the load upstream of the hub by 1/2, essentially making the 2.5 Ton as strong, if not stronger than a 5 Ton Axle!

The other unique feature of this kit is its 100% bolt on! No welding or machining required!

Here are the basic benefits of running this kit:
- 2:1 bevel gear reduction hubs, doubling the strength of you 2.5 Ton Axle Shafts and Center Chunk, also creating a low 13.44:1 overall gear ratio
- Sealed Spindle with Stub Shaft support and built in Thrust surface, although still recommend, boots will be an option.
- Central Tire Inflation
- Upgraded Plate Steel Knuckles
-84.5" WMS Front, and 87.5" WMS Rear
- 2.5 Ton, 16 Spline Lockers and Spools can still be used.

However with everything there are compromises:
- 13.44 overall gear ratio, not ideal for high speed use, however aftermarket gearing is available that will get the final ratio up to 9.8:1
- Added weight- The entire Kit will add roughly 164lb to each Axle, again aftermarket aluminum hubs are available
- Rims must be changed to a 5 Ton, 10 x 11.25 Wheel Pattern.
-Hubs cannot be flipped to change WMS.


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8 products