On the 4th Day of Christmas...

    Day 4 of our 12 days of Christmas Sale! If you're in the market for a set of 2.5 Ton Axles, you'll definitely want to be awake for this deal!

    Get 10% off all fresh take out 2.5 Ton Steer and Rear Rockwell Axles!
    Perfect for your next buggy or mega truck build.

    All 2.5 Ton Axles come with 6.72 ratio, 6x8.75 bolt pattern 79"WMS, open differentials and factory hydraulic drum brakes. If you need a shipping quote don't be afraid to ask Santa's Helper's (most of them anyway) are more than willing to pallet these up and load on the next delivery truck!

    f that wasn't a good enough deal.. you also get a Free Sharp Spoon or Toque with every purchase.

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