Top Loader Gear Oil, 85W140
Top Loader Gear Oil, 85W140
Top Loader Gear Oil, 85W140

Top Loader Gear Oil, 85W140

MI 2901

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This Gear oil is specifically designed to work with Top Load style diffentials

GL5 Hypoid Compatible

  1. High film strength

  2. Resists sludging or oxidation created by the churning and heating in the presence of air,

  3. Provides a protective film on metal surfaces, thus minimizing rust and corrosion

  4. Better low temperature fluidity protection than single grade oil, along with effective lubricating film thickness at higher temperatures

85-140 wt for exterme duty applications

For axles like the 2.5 Ton and 5 Ton military Rockwells that have a top load style input shaft it can be difficult for typical gear oils to "climb' their way from the lower oil reservoir in the axle up to the pinion bearings and ring and pinion. This is why pinion bearings are a common failure point on the rockwell axles, this special gear oil is extremly sticky and will adhere to bearings and gears significantly better than typical gear oil, this oil comes in, 5 gallon pails or 4L jugs

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