Ball-Less Bob


Bob the Cat

Thinks He is the Owner

Bob Started with WCR in the summer of 2020, when things were bleak and dark, Bob brought light into the shop. His previous experience includes terrorizing barns for about 6 weeks before becoming a permanent resident at WCR. 

Bob was never hired.. as all thing related to Bob, it was not planned. He was dropped off and was starving from the day he got here, he is still starving if  you ask him. 

He never shies away from "helping" and has become a great mouser, earning his keep. He loves kids and often is carted around by kids of all ages when they see him. Bob has a great attitude, when he want to. 

In his spare time he hunts humans for fun and likes to knock things off the shelves. His favourite past time is napping and cuddles. 

Make sure you say hi to Bob when you stop by, he's always looking for fresh blood.. I mean friends..