$775.00 CAD

4340 Axle Shaft Assemblies are shipped ready to install with U-Joints, Sold as an assembly with Stub Shaft.

4340 thorough heat treated Axle Shafts, typically 1.5x stronger than factory, but are not invincible. Recommended for rigs with <44" tires and <400hp. Not recommended for rigs with larger tires and more hp, please visit our Meritor/Rockwell Hybrid Page. If these are run in a vehicle with larger tires and horsepower, WCR is not responsible in anyway for replacing/repairing any damaged parts. 

$1650 includes the following in assembly form:

  • 1 Long Side Shaft
  • 1 Short Side Shaft
  • 2 Stub Shafts
  • 2 U-Joints

**These axles do not carry any warrant, this includes broken or damaged parts, twisted splines, or damaged caused to your factory axle parts including broken or damaged Ring Gears, and or Lockers and Spools.**