$300.00 CAD

20” Diameter x10” Wide 

10x 335mm Bolt Pattern with a 11.25” Hub Pilot, 

Dot Approved Double Internal Bead Lock 

Aluminum Wheels Weight 165lb 

Can Be Mounted On 2.5 Ton or Smaller Axles with an Adaptor Plate 

5 Ton Adaptor Plates are not available 

 Adapter Plates

Hutchison Double Internal Locking Wheels, unlike typical Beadlock Wheels that clamp the Tire to each bead with a separate ring, the Hutchison style Wheels, use a 2 piece Wheel along with a Tire insert. The Tire insert fits inside the Tire, up against the Tire bead. Once fit into the Wheel, the 2 halves of the Wheel are pulled together, essentially crushing the Tire against the Wheel.

 **Do Not come with Beadlock Inserts, we do carry stock on them you can find them Here**

***Please note Rims are subject to availability, shipping will be charged separately, please contact us for availability and a shipping quote***