$2,351.00 CAD

The Full Heim Joint Kit Includes: $2351

  • 16x Heim Joints, 8LH and 8RH
  • 16x Jam Nuts
  • 16x Weld Bung, 8LH and 8RH

The 1/2 Heim Joint Kit Includes: $1175.92

  • 8x Heim Joints, 4LH and 4RH
  • 8x Jam Nuts
  • 8x Weld Bung, 4LH and 4RH

Heim Joint and Jam Nut: $116.99

Bung: $30.00

  • 2.5" .250 Wall


  • Thread Length - 3.5"
  • Head Diameter - 2.750"
  • Head Width - 1.250"
  • Total Length - 6.35"
  • Total Weight - 4 lbs
  • Ultimate Radial Static Load -
  • Axial Static Load -

The EMF Medium 1.5" Heim Joint is brand new to the EMF line.  With the large popularity of the 1.25" Shank joint, we decided to beef it up a little more and now this Heim Joint features a 1.5" - 12 TPI Shank with a full 3.5" of thread and has many ball options to suit your needs. All components (bodies, balls, cups, rings) are machined in house out of a billet 4140 Chromoly and all are coated with zinc, with the exception of the ball which is coated in a black Liquid Nitride to ensure the longest lasting coating and corrosion resistance. You should be able to go years without needing to replace any of the internal components!  

 EMF Heim Joint Maintenance Instructions