On the 11th Day of Christmas..

    King Pin Support Testing
    Looking for a set of King Pin Supports that won't leave your Knuckles dangling like a piece of tinsel? We have a couple solutions for you!

    Our proven First Gen King Pin Supports have been pushed to the absolute max and have proven to keep your King Pins where they belong!

    For the guys looking for the added strength of a King Pin Support but with sacrificing ground clearance, check out our 2nd Gen Design! Built for maximum clearance, they also provide a substantial amount of support to your lower King Pins, they also pull double duty as Boot Guard!

    We also have a basic kit that will keep you from breaking your bank and your King Pins all at the same time!

    Get 10% off your King Pin Suppot Kits along with your choice of a FREE Sharp Spoon or Toque with each order.

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    Head to https://westerncanadianrockwell.ca/ to purchase yours today and see what else is on sale until December 23!
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